Intent:  I am proposing that I kick-off a monthly blog on topics of interest in military cyber operations.

Proposal:  Specifically I propose that I write a monthly bog entry (aimed at one page or so in length) – the range of topics would be deliberately left open.  This blog would not be tied to a specific position, but strictly to my personal perspectives on topics of interest in cyber.  The blog would be posted in an appropriate location on CMCEN and would include a ability to provide comments and drive discussion.  I do not see this as a blog originating from any formal authority – the intent is to write as a practitioner, rather than any type of authority, in this space.  Although I feel strongly there would be value in a “Cyber Commander” blog, or similar, I am not proposing that at this time.  Such a blog would fall to others to execute.

Requirements:  Although the majority of the effort for this activity would be on my plate to drive, it would also require the following:

  1. Support from CMCEN web staff for set-up and potentially occasional technical support
  2. That is all.

Value:  Beyond the personal value of a focus for a sustained professional writing output I believe that such a blog would provide value to the C&E community in the following ways:

  1. A direct link between military cyber operations and the C&E brand.
  2. Potential for increased engagement of the cyber community.
  3. Potential for increased traffic to, and relevance of, the CMCEN website to a component of the C&E community.
  4. Provide an opportunity for discussion of topics of interest for professional development.
  5. Selfishly I hope to encourage others to follow – wouldn’t a series of blogs on topics of interest to the broad C&E community be a great resource to provide our soldiers and aviators?

Risks:  Although I believe the risks are overall low and should be accepted – here are the key risks that I see in the activity.

  1. The largest risk is that this just doesn’t engage any interest.  In which case the low entry costs would have been wasted.
  2. There is a risk that the blog enters into delicate territory as it would rest in an unclassified and openly published space.  I believe the risk of this is low.
  3. There is a risk, as there is in any professional discussion, that comments posted in response to the blog may trend to the inappropriate and hostile.  As a mitigation to this risk I would intend to review (and respond to) comments posted to the site.  Should this become impossible the back-out plan is simple.

Decisions:  I am looking for two decisions from this group.

  1. Is the C&E Branch satisfied that this activity should proceed.
  2. Will the C&E Branch support the use of as the vehicle/location for the blog.
  3. What coordination would be desired between the C&E Branch and DND/CAF Public Affairs  entities?  Should IM Gp Comms be consulted?  For which components?

 Next Steps:  Should the C&E community choose to accept this proposal the next steps would be to establish the site and post the first entry.