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Vol. 1                                                                                    Issue 1                                                                                                                                                         Spring 2022

Greetings to our Members!

Yes, all former and serving members (Regular Force and Reserve) of the C&E Branch and its founding elements are automatically members in perpetuity of the C&E Association. Your family members are welcome to apply for Associate Membership. See everything about us and the rest of the C&E Family at

What do we do?

  • We are ready to support members in distress, in conjunction with the Branch Office;
  • We arrange for the maintenance of the hundreds of memorials to the service of our members around the world;
  • We present Heritage Awards to deserving individuals each year;
  • We conduct professional development training;
  • We have an affinity program that offers insurance at favorable rates to registered members;
  • We reach out to the community, especially those who may not be getting the information about what’s going on in our Family.

Hence this Newsletter!

What’s New?

Recognizing that it’s better if all the components of our C&E Family (Branch Association, Museum, and Foundation) are on the same page, some very smart people designed a C&E Family Senate.  This august body, with wide representation across the board, has assumed the role of providing strategic guidance and coordination among these components, all of whom have a separate part to play in our life as a Family.

Much more info about the Senate and the good work it has accomplished in the past two years will be forthcoming as our communications channels get properly established.

We have a new Colonel Commandant!  With the retirement of BGen (Ret) Kevin O’Keefe, the Defence Minister, on the recommendation of the Senate, has appointed BGen (Ret) Josée Robidoux to this important honourary position. You can see her story at Sad to see Kevin O’Keefe step down from his very active role in our Family, but happy to see such a worthy successor in place.

Enough for this initial news bulletin.

You can actively keep up with what’s up by registering at

That way you can stay informed about developments across our profession: you’ll be eligible for our affinity benefits and get the first info in any breaking news in our C&E Family life.


Pass it on; we all know colleagues who want to know what’s up.


Send us feedback; what do you want to hear more about?  How can your professional Association be of assistance to you?


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Scott Partridge
1 year ago

Hi David, first, let me offer a BZ and a thanks for looking after this newsletter, one can only imagine the thankless job it can be. Second, you mention “…you’ll be eligible for our affinity benefits…” what are these and where would one find information on these? I often see Vets as Service Canada clients and, if the person is/was Sigs related, would be interested in passing info along to them.