Colonel Steeve Lavoie of Mont-Joli, QC joined the CF in 1989 as a non-commissioned member. After his initial training, he was transferred to 743 Comm Sqn in Penhold, AB as a 223 Teletype and Cypher Technician (Tel Tech 223). On closure of the Sqn in 1994, he was transferred to CTC Gagetown, NB to work as a 225 Strategic Information Systems Technician (225 SIS Tech). He joined the Officer Corps under the University Training Program for Non-Commissioned Members (UTPNCM) in 1999 and was commissioned in 2002 upon completion of his BSc at RMC. Col Lavoie completed his CELE occupation training and graduated in March 2004. Col Lavoie remained at CFSCE as an incremental staff for the Basic CELE Officer Course (BCAOC) 0401 before being posted with his family to 17 Wing Winnipeg, Manitoba. Col Lavoie arrived in Winnipeg in August 2004 where he worked as the Project Officer. Upon promotion to Captain, Col Lavoie took over as the 17 Wing TIS Technical Maintenance Officer (TMO). In March 2006 he was assigned to the 17 Wing Mission Support Squadron (MSS) team where he was employed as the CIS Flt Comd. In May 2006, he led his team to Maple Flag 39 which served as a validation EX and from June to December 2006 he was deployed to Camp Mirage as part of the Theatre Support Element under OP ARCHER and OP ATHENA. Upon his returned he came back to 17 Wing as the TMO and in August 2007 Col Lavoie was transferred to 1 Canadian Air Division to join the A6 team in the A6 C2IS section.   Col Lavoie was transferred to CFSCE as 2 Sqn 2IC in July 2008 and was promoted to the rank of Major in June 2009 where he was appointed as OC Sp Sqn. In June 2010, he was once again transferred but this time to a NATO post in Geilenkirchen, Germany in support of the NATO Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS). In 2011 he deployed in support of Operation UNIFIED PROTECTOR in Trapani, Italy and in 2012 and 2013 he deployed in support of Operation AFGHAN ASSIST in Mazar-e-Sharif located in RC-North. In 2014, Col Lavoie became the 20th Commanding Officer of the Canadian Forces Crypto Maintenance Unit (CFCMU). In 2016 he was appointed as the C&E Branch Adjutant and in 2017 he become the Deputy Commandant at CFSCE. Col Lavoie was promoted to the rank of LCol in June 2018 and transferred to Ottawa as Joint CIS Force Development Section Head located in Tunney’s Pasture while his family remained in Kingston. In the summer of 2019, Col Lavoie took over Defence Information Management Interoperability (DIMI) as its Section Head and later took the role of Deputy Director for DJC2ISFD.  

From July 2021 to July 2022, Col Lavoie deployed on OP PROTEUS located in Jerusalem/Israel and upon his return was assigned as DGIMO HQ CO in Ottawa. In February 2024, Col Lavoie becomes the new Communications & Electronics Branch Advisor. In June 2024, Col Lavoie was promoted to his current rank and became the Chief of Staff for the Canadian Armed Forces Transition Group in Ottawa, ON. He and his wife Samee have three adult children: Alex (1995), Sébastien (1998), and Sarah (2002) and a dog named Brandi.