CFSCE Change of Command Ceremony

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Canadian Forces School of Communications and Electronics (CFSCE) Change of Command Ceremony took place on

17 June 2021

from Lieutenant-Colonel Walter Gamblin, CD

to Lieutenant-Colonel Bahir Ali, CD

Presided by: Colonel Shane Murphy, CD
Commander Combat Training Centre

Please follow the link to view the Ceremony online:

Maj Gina Decarie (DC CFSCE), LCol Walter Gamblin, Mrs. Stefanie Gamblin, CWO Rob Sherman (SCWO CFSCE)

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3 years ago

Bahir, well deserved my friend.

I wish you all the best over the course of your stay as Commandant. It seems like only yesterday we where roommates in Phase Training in building B1… ahhh B1… what memories!

Anyhow, simply wanted to take the opportunity to let folks know how awesome an officer and individual we are getting again as Commandant of our school. Be proud brother, I’m so happy for you!