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When we first qualified to wear the hat badge of the C&E Branch and its predecessor organizations we became members of a special community.

Our community is constantly growing and now includes over 7000 serving members and 50,000 retired members, and our key to bringing our community together is our CMCEN website. CMCEN keeps our community up to date on current C&E events, programs and services for retiring members, those in support of our veterans and their families and widely celebrating our members’ successes. Membership to CMCEN is free and vital in keeping you up to date with current news and information as well as connecting members of our community that will allow us to preserve, educate and celebrate our past, socialize and care for each other in the present and prepare for the future.

Please Register Here to keep in contact and benefit from these services – for free.

We hope that you see value in the service offered by the renewed C&E Association and our desire to look after our heritage and our people – serving and retired.

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