The Rideau Club has presented the Robert I. Hendy Award to Elsa Lessard, a 101-year-old Second World War veteran,

for her contributions to the Canadian Navy as a morse code operator, where she “accomplished feats of national or international significance in maritime affairs” during WWII.

“We spent eight hours a day, around the clock, different shifts and we copied – intercepted the German messages. When a submarine wanted to report whatever, it had to surface, so it very briefly – it sent a message,” said 93-year-old Lessard in an interview with CTV’s Power Play.

This is not her first award, she also was awarded the Bletchley Park Commemorative Badge for her decryption during WWII and she is featured in an exhibit at the Canadian War Museum

Photo courtesy of: 100-year-old Second World War vet honoured for contributions to Navy | Ottawa Citizen

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