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Already midway through the deployment, enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) Signal Squadron has overcome all challenges it has faced. The Signal Squadron grew from 37 to 61 members with the welcomed addition of 23 members from 21 Electronic Warfare (EW) Regiment and a Materiel Management Technician as part of its structure. The Extension Troop team has overcome challenges with accommodating the influx of additional supported eFP members and the increase in network infrastructure. All while EW Troop showcased and performed its capabilities as part of Ex CRYSTAL ARROW. Despite the geopolitical climate in Eastern Europe, there has been nothing that Signal Squadron hasn’t accomplished.

From 28 February to 10 March 2022, members from EW Troop participated in Ex CRYSTAL ARROW 22 conducted at Adazi Military Base training area, Latvia. This exercise is the pinnacle training event of the NATO eFP Battle Group Latvia. During this exercise, the EW Troop deployed medium and light electronic warfare teams and established an EW analytics and control element to the Adazi training area to conduct an Own Force Monitoring (OFM) mission. After the exercise concluded, the data was used to build a report representing EW collection throughout the exercise, focusing on specific radio nets and events. This report, delivered to everyone from the Bde/BG Commanders to infantry soldiers and signallers, had the goal of giving our allied members a greater appreciation of EW capabilities employed by friendly and adversary nations including feedback on how to mitigate their electromagnetic signature within the battle space.

Following Ex CRYSTAL ARROW, the Signal Squadron validated its ability to manoeuvre to an alternate location on Ex MERCURY REBUNIS. This was achieved by establishing a National Rear Link back to Canada while maintaining communications to forward organizations. All members were put to the test and successfully employed critical networks within a short period of time ensuring communications links from our fighting forces to home.

The morale of the Signal Squadron remains high. Local COVID-19 restrictions are gradually decreasing. Members of the eFP are now allowed to leave the 10 km bubble limit, the Dining Facility seating setting went from 3 members per table to 6 and PSP excursions have resumed. The ease of the restrictions are allowing the participation in more team-building activities. Recently, eFP Signal Squadron took to the hills in Estonia as part of a NATO Ski Competition. WO Dubois finished in 6th place in the 10km Cross Country Classic and the Signal Squadron team finished 4th on the Relay Event.

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Tom Barnes
1 year ago

Congratulations! Might suggest that if you are a Sigs vice CIS Sqn you fly the Sigs tri colour vice the C&E colours