14/06/2018 @ 18:00
Vimy Officers' Mess
CFB Kingston
2LT/SLt Tyler MacDonald
613-541-5010 ext 8182


Purpose: To celebrate the inauguration of the graduates into the C&E Branch by socializing with peers and supervisors alike. This will introduce the new members to typical Branch customs and traditions associated with the Home Station mess.

Date: 14 June 2018

Location: Vimy Officer’s Mess (VOM)

Dinner Participants: BCAOC, Serial 0004 Graduates;
BCAOC Staff; and
Invited Guests.

Dress: Mess Kit or DEU 2B.

Timings: 1700 hours – Guest of Honour arrives at the Vimy Officers’ Mess;
1730 hours – Discussion Panel at the Vimy Officers’ Mess;
1800 hours – Cocktails commence at the Vimy Officers’ Mess;
1830 hours – Graduates commence with the ‘Shot Glass’ Posting Ceremony; and
1900 hours – Dinner commences, finishing at approximately 2300 hrs.

Addn Ceremony: There will be a discussion panel conducted at the Vimy Officer’s Mess which will allow the new graduates the opportunity to discuss their future careers with the senior members of the trade.

The course will also be hosting a ‘Shot Glass’ Posting Ceremony prior to the dinner, whereby the successful candidates, following a toast to the Branch, will only then find out their postings. This ‘Shot Glass’ ceremony will see the candidates line up in the Kingston Room with a laser engraved shot glass inscribed with the candidates name, course and first posting in front of them. Once called upon, they will toast the Branch, consume their courage and discover, with the attendees, where they are to be posted.

Meal Choices: Option 1 – Chicken Breast Stuffed with Asiago cheese and Sweet Red Pepper
Option 2 – 6oz Beef Tenderloin Oscar Top with Fresh Asparagus Served with Hollandaise Sauce
Option 3 – Vegetarian Pasta: Stuffed Mushroom Pasta Served with a Fresh Tomato Basil Sauce

Sides Served Soup: Maple Butter Squash
Salad: Fresh Mixture Kale w/ Grape Tomato, Sliced Cucumbers, Fresh Mango, Slice Smoked Gouda Cheese & Mango, Slice Smoked Gouda Cheese & Mango Dressing
Dessert: Crème Brule

Wine Options Georges Duboeuf Beaujolais, France (Red)
Deinhard Riesling DryRheinhessen, Germany (White)

Cost The mess dinner is $85 with wine and $70 for non-drinkers. Payment will be in Cash or Pay Deduction at the front door of the Vimy Officers’ Mess.

If not specified in your response, the default will be chicken and non-drinker. Please indicate if your preference differs from this selection.

If there are any questions, please feel free to ask.

If I missed any members of the C&E branch that would like to attend, please have them email myself.

Have a great day and we hope to see you at the mess on June 14th!