Professional Development Seminar


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27/10/2021 09:30 - 27/10/2099 - 16:00

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MS Teams


The Professional Development (PD) Seminar consists of four separate sessions; you can join for all four, and attend those which interest you and fit your schedule. The sessions are as follows:

0930-1030: “Digital Transformation”

The requirement for change and how the CAF are addressing the issue.  A panel discussion (reps from DIEMEUS and CJOC) with Q & A moderated by LGen (Ret) Stuart Beare, Accenture.

1045 – 1200: “Remote Working”

The implications and measures required to work out of the office: what are the emerging technologies; what are the implications of hybrid working; what is the future.  Panelists from DND, industry and academia will address the subject and invite discussion. Moderated by Kelly Stewart-Belisle, AFCEA Canada.

1230 – 1400: “Cyber Aspects of Continental Defence”

Panelists from NORAD, DND and academia will address the subject from the policy, requirements points of view, including a example of ongoing NORAD activities. Possible question could include:

  • what we need to look at/improve in Continental Defence from a cyber perspective;
  • how far should CAF extend in defending the defence industrial complex;
  • what needs to be implemented to achieve Continental Defence?

Moderated by BGen (Ret) Roberto Mazzolin, RHEA Group.

1415- 1600: “Lessons from Recent Ops”

Panelists will address: CFIOG from OP UNIFER, CJOC/OP PROTEUS, CANSOFCOM/Gradient Ascent project and RCAF experience in OP IMPACT.  Moderated by BGen (Ret) Martin Girard.

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