Maj Matt Wojcik receives SACEUR Recognition Award

by | Mar 31, 2022 | News | 1 comment

On 28 March 2022, BGen Gervais Carpentier had the opportunity to attend an award ceremony at SHAPE where one of our members, Maj Matt Wojcik, was recognized for his overall work at 1 NSB in Wesel, Germany. In SACEUR’s absence, the recognition was awarded by COS SHAPE, Adm Ruhle (GER). Matt was posted to 1 NSB in the summer of 2019, was promoted to Maj in Dec and will be posted this APS in the J6 team at CJOC where his NATO experience will be able to be put to good use. You will see by the award below that he made a concrete and valuable operational contribution while in Europe. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, Matt and his wife Jillian mentioned they had a great experience with NATO and in Germany/Europe.

Comd NCISG was also present and accompanied by Adjuc Stéphane Langevin, CSEL at 1 NSB, and acting NCISG CSEL for the day.


“Captain Wojcik joined the 1st NATO Signal Battalion in July 2019. He performed excellently throughout his first assignment, which also included a deployment to NATO Mission to Iraq. He is highly regarded amount the Command Group and external collaborative partners, particularly for his ability to manage complex operational issues and to make things happen. His support to Op ALLIED SOLACE as well as other operational training and missions was outstanding. Captain Wojcik is meticulous, diligent and methodical, and his ability to coordinate and balance complicated tasks in a time-critical and quickly changing environment is impressive. He was thus selected as the lead with primary responsibility for developing and planning operations, including developing DCIS (deployment comms and info system) deployment options and coordinating plans and execution for deployment to Qatar and Kosovo as well as standing up the DSG (DCIS Sup group) / DNOC (Deployed NATO Ops Centre) functions. It is with great merit that he deserves this recognition today.”


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1 year ago

Congratulations on your award.