51st Anniversary Memorial Service for Fallen Paratroopers

51st Anniversary Memorial Service for Fallen Paratroopers                                                                               May 5th, 2019 Sunday 11:00 am The annual Memorial Service for the Seven Paratroopers who lost their lives in the Ottawa River during...

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Western Area Signals Mess Dinner

Lieutenant-Colonel John Clark, CD, requests the pleasure of your company at the Western Area Signals Mess Dinner.Please click on the Invitation to the right for full details.The Dinner will take place in Edmonton 22 March 2019 at the Edmonton Garrison...

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The “Forgotten” Part of Canada’s Experience in Rwanda

In mid-1994, Canada deployed troops to Rwanda as part of UNAMIR II. The trials, tribulations and achievements of the soldiers in this deployment, which included major tasks for our community, have been overshadowed by other tragic stories from the country.  A recent...

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