OP REASSURANCE eFP Signals Squadron H&A

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Between 1 – 3 Feb 2022, OP REASSURANCE 22-01 – eFP Signals Squadron has had the honour and privilege to receive the visit of CJOC Comd Team, Vice-Admiral Bob Auchterlonie and Chief Warrant Officer Eric Poissant. Despite their busy schedule, the Comd Team took the time to walk the lines and to discuss various topics with the Sqn members. For many, it was their first encounter with such an experienced and senior team. They were astonished to know that the Comd Team had taken the time to walk the Signals Squadron’s lines to listen to members’ concerns. The Comd Team visit and speeches thoroughly explained the purpose of the eFP Signals Squadron for the mission and discussed the importance of being ready to fight tonight! Overall, CJOC Comd Team visit has had an immediate impact on the troops’ motivation and morale.

FEATURED IMAGE: Left to right:
– eFP Signals Squadron Sergeant-Major WO Tanguay;
– Sergeant-Major Task Force Latvia CWO Gallant;
– eFP Signals Squadron TM Det 2IC Cpl Carrier (CJOC CWO coin recipient);
– Command Chief Warrant Officer, Canadian Joint Operations Command CWO Poissant; and
– eFP Signals Squadron CO Maj Marcoux.

At the end of their visit, the Comd Team took the opportunity to reward 3 Signals Squadron personnel for their outstanding performance, professionalism and altruism.

Received on 1 February 2022, Canadian Joint Operations Command Chief Warrant Officer Coin:

Cpl Andréanne Carrier. eFP Signals Squadron – Technical Maintenance Detachment 2IC

CJOC CWO Coin: presented by CWO Poissant to Cpl Carrier

“For participating actively in troop activities and contributing to the wellbeing of the squadron. She seeks every opportunity to further professional development by volunteering on a variety of tasks and. Performing highly on the day-to-day, she is a junior leader with unprecedented altruism who cares deeply about the success of the team and the organization. She has demonstrated great courage discussing and resolving ethical issues with the appropriate authorities. She is an invaluable asset to our organization, demonstrating all the qualities of a soldier and the values of the Canadian Armed Forces.”

Received on 3 February 2022, Canadian Joint Operations Command Commander Coin:

WO Jeremy Ellis, eFP Signals Squadron – Foreman of Sigs

Left to right: Vadm Auchterlonie, WO Ellis, CWO Poissant

“He ensured that the concept of maintenance including preventative and corrective maintenance translated to all members of the squadron to have a common understanding of how preventative and corrective maintenance is applied. He advised the Finance cell to close unnecessary duplicates and commitments that have failed or ran its course. This resulted in a $46000 deficit to a $38000 surplus of operation and maintenance funds to better the squadron before the end of the fiscal year and to reflect a more accurate report for the Commanding Officer.”

Sgt Brennan McGavock, eFP Signals Squadron – Extension Troop Warrant Officer.

Left to right: Vadm Auchterlonie, Sgt McGavock and CWO Poissant

“For conducting a thorough and detailed inventory of IT equipment of eFP OP REASSURANCE 22-01. The gathered information helped identify potential issues thus providing the chain of command better situational awareness on the situation. He is currently leading the life cycling project of the IT equipment by prioritizing the exchange of non-serviceable equipment, while maintaining service integrity. When challenged by Sending Nations various IT issues, he managed to resolve every situation with the highest level of professionalism while maintaining cohesion with all eFP organizations. He demonstrates professional excellence by contributing to a work environment that promotes teamwork, learning and innovation.”

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