TFL Alert Exercise – eFP Sig Sqn

Authors: Lt A.C. Mosnier and WO G.J.F. Limbert

The enhanced Forward Presence Signal Squadron (eFP Sig Sqn) is one of three units within Task Force Latvia (TFL) deployed on Op REASSURANCE. eFP Sig Sqn ROTO 15 is in theatre from 12 January 2021 to 17 July 2021. Recently the eFP Sig Sqn participated in a TFL exercise along with the National Support Element (NSE) and TFL Headquarters. The three entities conducted a road move to Saldus, a town in the west of Latvia to practice setting up a remote headquarters location and establish communications with NATO allies. The eFP Sig Sqn had conducted similar exercises within Camp Adazi prior to this, but this was the first iteration involving a road move outside of the Camp.

During this exercise, the eFP Sig Sqn deployed several capabilities to enable command and control and to demonstrate the CIS footprint that could be required in future iterations of the exercise. Light Communication Suite (LCS) kits were deployed to provide both UNCLAS and secure means of communications. The medium Strategic Deployable Terminal (SDT) was also deployed as pictured below. This process confirmed the unit’s ability to quickly establish a SATCOM capability, offered an opportunity for internal professional development and provided TFL staff a clear understanding of the time estimates that come with bringing certain means of communications.

Overall the exercise was a great success. The road move was conducted in a timely fashion and commanders and their staff were able to communicate via the LCS kits. The exercise also determined several areas of improvement for the next ROTO to build upon. For example, procurement of a NGRI (Network Gated over Remote Infrastructure) kit or MCS (Medium Communication Suite) kit could prove to be a fast and effective method of establishing networks for more users at any given location in Latvia.


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