Who – LCdr Brenda Humby presenting, CO of CFRC-A


When – 25 July 24 1400EST

Where – MS Teams

Why – What’s the status with recruiting in the CAF? What are the challenges? How can we as leaders in the RCCS help ourselves? What is OP UNIFIED RECRUITER?

Good day RCCS,

This will be our fifth PD session of the year. As described above in the 5W’s, this session will see the CO of Canadian Forces Recruiting Center – Atlantic provide us a brief on the state of recruiting in the CAF. This should be of great interest to our corps, as we can’t complain about our numbers without being willing to help them improve.

The next few planned PD sessions can be found in the attached PowerPoint slide, if you are interested in presenting or have an idea for PD feel free to reach out. Link to the session can be found at ref A, a pre-viewing video can be found at ref B.

Feel free to share as desired, see you online on the 25th!

DTG Presenter Topic MS Teams Link
25 July 1400 EST LCdr Humby – CO CFRC Atlantic CAF Recruiting and OP UNIFIED RECRUITER MS Teams
15 Aug TBC Maj Pat Gaudreau 21 EW 101 MS Teams
19/ 26 Sep TBC Maj Jeff Leblanc (CFSCE CI) CFSCE CI MS Teams


20 June 1400 EST LCol Trevor Semeniuk – Joint Warfare Center Character Based Leadership
21 Mar 1400 EST Maj James Locke – DLR 4-2 CA G6 SITREP Review
25 April 1100 EST Maj Jordan Tadros – TFL J6 TFL- Bde Uplift
9 May 1400 EST Major from CANSOFCOM DJ6 Digital Force Protection

Please join the MS Teams link on 20 June at 1400EST to participate.

Major James Locke

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