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Colonel Mike Moulton will be retiring from the CAF on 30 November 2023 after serving 27+ years in the Royal Canadian Corps of Signals. Joining in 1996, Col Moulton completed the very first BOTC in St-Jean and prep-year at Companie Fort St-Jean in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu Quebec, finally graduating from RMC in 2001 with a B.Sc(Hons) in Computer Science. Before completing his Signal Officer training in the fall of 2001, then 2Lt Moulton may have glimpsed his future by conducting cyber red teaming at CFS Leitrim for the summer.

Posted to 5e QGET in Jan 2002, he served as Commandant de la troupe PC and SigO of 5e RGC before being posted to Ottawa in 2003 to CFEWC, returning to CFIOG, and more importantly convincing Heather that she should move in and get married! In 2006, after three outstanding years at CFEWC, he was selected for the initial cadre for the Canadian Armed Forces Counter-IED task force delivering life-saving capabilities to Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan.

Appointed DCO 2 EW in 2007, saw a family move to Kingston, the birth of Matthew, and continuing to be part of the outstanding EW/SIGINT community. Promoted to Major in 2008, payback was re-writing EW, SIGINT and Counter-IED doctrine, including supporting major changed to ABCA and NATO doctrine. During this TIME, he conducted two TAVS to Kandahar Afghanistan as Theatre SIGINT Authority. Posted to the UK in 2010 he spent two years as OC 1 (Ouston) Squadron in 11th (Royal School of Signals) Signal Regiment and finished the third year of the OUTCAN as Regimental Second in Command.

Returning to Canada in 2013, with an extra member of the family (Ella), he returned to the EW/SIGINT and Cyber world again in both Directorate of Land Requirements and Director Land Command and Information. Needing a deployment, and negotiating a staff college position from D SIGS for taking the year-long tour, he spent 2015-2016 as part of the United States Security Coordinator for Israel and the Palestinian Authorities as Deputy CIS Program Manager and Operation PROTEUS Task-Force J6, where he was awarded the United States Meritorious Service Medal and finished his MPA while on tour.

On return to Ottawa in 2016, he attended the United States Marine Corps Command and Staff College and graduated in 2017. Promoted to LCol in 2018 he served as DLCSPM 8 and Deputy DIMEI before being appointed Commanding Officer of CFS Leitrim in 2021. The highlight of his career saw a tremendous amount of change in the world from the fall of Afghanistan, the invasion of Ukraine amongst others where SIGINTers were always in demand and continued to perform above and beyond.

Colonel Moulton was promoted to his current rank in 2023, and appointed as Director Digital and Army Combat Systems Integration. Colonel Moulton will be taking a public service position within the Directorate of Cyber Operations Force Development as the Offensive Cyber Program Manager, which in some ways is a bit of closing by return on his career, going back to 2Lt Moulton conducting Red Team activities in 2001.

A DWD will be held at the CFS Leitrim All Ranks Mess on 10 November from 1200-1500. RSVPs are to be sent to LCol Jason Chor at [email protected].

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Matt Salt
29 days ago


Congrats on an outstanding career and your upcoming retirement. Truly was a pleasure having you as our CO at CFS Leitrim the last 2 years.

MCpl Matt Salt

Martin Prud'homme
1 month ago

Mike, thanks for your service and all the accomplishments you achieved! Best of luck in your next chapter as a PS and happy to see you will continue to provide your expertise in a domain you know and want to! Merci!

Martin Prud’homme