1. Bruce joined the Regular Force Sept 19, 1978 as a Rad Op 211. Three weeks later he was in Cornwallis on basic training. After his TQ3 course he was posted to 740 Comm Sqn in Nanaimo working in the FCC in the Diefenbunker.

2. In 1982 he was posted to 1 Canadian Signal Regt where he served mostly in Tac Rad in 1 Sqn. This included numerous trips to Germany for Fall Ex’s and reforgers as well as time in northern Norway.

3. Bruce did a tour of Cyprus in 1985 with 254 Signal Sqn.

4. In 1987 he was posted to 743 Comm Sqn in Penhold, Alberta again in the bunker FCC and was there until 1989.

5. He released for the first time, and after a few years, constantly missing the military he joined the primary reserves in Nanaimo, 748 Comm Sqn. There he was honoured three times with the unit Esprit de Corps award for morale in the squadron and regiment. He was also a recipient of one of the first 5 Regimental Command team coins by the Commanding Officer.

6. Bruce retired on 12 May 2019 on his 60th birthday with the rank of Warrant Officer and will work part time with the Commissionaires taking over their Identity and Fingerprinting unit in Nanaimo and Courtenay, BC.

7. In Bruce’s own words “I want to thank my fiancé and best friend Debbie Marshall who has stood by me as well as my daughter Carla Samson for all the support I have received over the years. Not to forget all the awesome people I have served with both in the regular force and also the reserves.”

8. There will be a depart with dignity early September in Nanaimo. Firm date to be announced.