Sgt Bickerstaffe – TFL Commander’s Commendation

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Sgt Bickerstaffe went above and beyond in his support of the Sig Sqn throughout his deployment. His work ethic, determination, and problem-solving made an incredible impact on mission success. Notably, he assisted in demonstrating joint communication interoperability with HMCS Halifax via TACSAT. Additionally, Sgt Bickerstaffe influenced the development of command support for the MNLCC by improving the NSE’s comms plan and establishing their command post. He also volunteered to participate on DPs as a pronto during Ex WOLVERINE STRIKE and ensured comms were maintained throughout. Finally, Sgt Bickerstaffe resolved issues at Camp Adazi and coordinated activities in order to improve comms coverage, leading to a significant increase in morale. Sgt Bickerstaffe’s dedication and commitment to supporting the eFP Battle Group brings credit to the Sigs Sqn, Canada, and to NATO as a whole.

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3 years ago

Congratulations Sgt, nice achievement that surely required a lot of work and efforts.