TFL Comd’s Commendation – MCpl Hilliard


MCpl Hilliard – 2 CMBG HQ & Sigs (posted to 4 CDSG Sigs upon return)

MCpl Hilliard was the eFP Signal Squadron (eFP Sig Sqn) Help Desk Det IC from 19 Jan 21 to 17 Jul 21. She provided exceptional CIS support throughout her ROTO and in particular during Op SERPENT STRIKE where she dedicated countless hours, both on and off duty, reacting to service requests. Since her arrival she has taken several steps to improve accountability by reviewing theatre USB stick allocation and SharePoint file structure management. For her admirable work ethic and dedication she has received praise from the BG S6, MI Bde DComd and several SNRs. MCpl Hilliard’s professionalism as the face of the Camp Adazi Help Desk has been an example to all and her commitment has significantly improved the credibility of TFL.

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