Netherlands 2020

the “75th Anniversary of Liberation” Tour,

30 April – 9 May, 2020

We are proud to launch the ‘Netherlands 2020′, the latest in our series of battlefield study tours, to commemorate the legacy of our C&E Branch predecessors during the liberation of The Netherlands.

Signallers ‘got comms thru’ as Canadians fought over the Channel, on the coast of France & Belgium, and dykes of the Netherlands.  We helped liberate the Dutch and rebuild their lives.  Canadian signalmen connected the enemy to General Foulkes for the surrender.

This battlefield study is a look at our profession and a review of lessons from the past.  However, the true value is the pride instilled in our people, in the uniform they wear, and the camaraderie created by bringing veterans and serving Branch members together: through their common history.

Letter from Colonel Commandant

Enclosure 1 – Battlefield Study Tour Itinerary

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