(this article has been posted in English. If it appears in French on Facebook, it is through Facebook’s auto-translate feature. To learn how to disable this feature on your personal account, click here)

Dear Members of our Greater Communications and Electronics Family,

We greatly appreciate your engagement with the C&E Family through the Canadian Military Communications and Electronics Network (CMCEN) website, Facebook page, and other associated media. We built these tools so that we could share more information, and promote constructive engagement throughout the C&E Family. We aim to post a diverse selection of news pertinent to you, including events, retirements, promotions, appointments. As our community is bilingual, so too are our posts, with as much content posted bilingually in English and French.

What’s the problem?

However there is a problematic recurrent issue where some Facebook subscribers read an odd translation, and believe that there was a poor translation from French to English. In simple terms – it’s your personal Facebook account settings. Facebook has an “auto-translation” feature for each individual’s account, that can be turned on or off by the user. When it is turned on, it translates from any other language than your preferred language, automatically. The Facebook translations at times have been of a very poor nature, frustrating some of our community, causing them to leave harsh comments on CMCEN posts.

What’s the solution?

Here’s what you can do if you see an odd translation on CMCEN’s Facebook page:
1) turn off Facebook auto-translation by following the details in this post: https://www.facebook.com/help/700371556733730; or
2) ignore it, knowing that it is Facebook auto-translation tool, and that English and French articles are available for your reading pleasure on https://cmcen.ca.

What’s the way forward?

Your C&E Branch, in continued partnership with your C&E Association, will continue posting English and French posts on the CMCEN website, which in turn are pushed to Facebook, Twitter (and other social media). They may appear in your news feed auto-translated, if you have that feature turned on. We ask that you do not comment on translation issues any more. However, should you have any constructive recommendations, we encourage you to leave us feedback, any time – in accordance with our CMCEN Acceptable Use Policy (https://www.facebook.com/RCMCE.CMCEN/app/190322544333196). Should you have any lingering questions, please write us on Facebook, our web page, or you can email us at support@CMCEN-RCMCE.ca.
-Your C&E Family Support Team