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Préserver nos mémoriaux

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Heritage project to find our C&E memorials, world-wide, to create an inventory, research their history and fund repairs. To include:
• all monuments, cairns, plaques (e.g., Wegner Point, Vimy Gate, Blandford)
• assistance unit displays (equipment, restoring vehicles, artifacts)
memorial lakes, natural features (NWT), buildings (Flt Sgt Leiven, 17 Wing)
• identify opportunities to create new memorials (e.g., Hill 70, Dieppe, Netherland?)

This work also contributes to:
• ‘Graves of the Fallen’ to photograph, research C&E graves, being led by Joe Costello rcsigs.ca
C&E / RCCS Honour Roll by assisting Branch and RCCS Offices in recognizing our heroes.

We need help! If interested, contact the project lead, Tony Charters, [email protected]