Branch Commendation

The C&E Branch Commendation aspires to officially recognize a deserving recipient for an act or achievement that brings credit to the C&E Family.  It may be awarded as an individual or collective honour to recognize actions, deeds, or service related (but not restricted) to volunteerism, event planning, ceremonial roles, community involvement, veteran support, civic duties, and / or long service marked by loyal and dedicated service to C&E members.

All members of the C&E Family – including military, civilian, honorary appointments, retired members, and immediate family members – are eligible for the C&E Branch Commendation. Furthermore, units or sections of a unit may be nominated when submitting a collective award.


  1. Branch Commendation – Certificate Sample
  2. Branch Commendation – Instruction
  3. Branch Commendation – Nomination (DND 4033-E)