The C&E Branch Commendation aspires to officially recognize a deserving recipient for an act or achievement that brings great credit to the C&E Family.

It may be awarded as an individual or collective honour to recognize actions, deeds, or service related (but not restricted) to operational excellence (for serving members only), volunteerism, event planning, ceremonial roles, community involvement, veteran support, civic duties, and / or long service noted for remarkable loyalty and dedication to the C&E Branch and its members.

All members of the C&E Family – including military, civilian, honorary appointments, retired members, and immediate family members – are eligible for the C&E Branch Commendation.  Furthermore, units or sections of a unit may be nominated when submitting a collective award.

The commendation may be awarded at any time throughout the year as the Branch Leadership wishes to award worthy recipients with a commendation as close to the act or achievement as possible.  Suitable venues, timings, and presiding officials (e.g. Branch Chief, Branch Advisor, or Colonel Commandant, etc.) are confirmed on a case-by-case basis.  On occasion, the member’s chain-of-command is requested to bestow the award on behalf of the Branch.


Award Recipients


Year Recipient
1995 Captain John A. MacKenzie, CD
2001 Master Corporal Frank Misztal, CD
2004 Brigadier-General Kevin G. O’Keefe, OMM, CD
2004 Chief Warrant Officer R.J. Robillard, CD
2004 Adjudant-maître Mario-Roch J.W. Benoît, CD
2004 Adjudant Marco J.C.Y. Séguin, CD
2004 Sergeant Claude J.R. Lavoie, CD
2004 Caporal-chef Yves J. Dorval, CD
2004 Caporal-chef Daniel J. Ouellet, CD
2004 Caporal Eric J.R. Giroux, CD
2004 M. Jean-François Bédard (Civilian)
2005 Chief Warrant Officer J.A.S. Berthiaume, CD
2005 Mr. Stuart Crawford (Civilian)
2006 Adjudant-maître J.W.M.R. Benoît, CD
2006 Master Corporal E.A. Morlidge, CD
2006 Mr. Jack Magilton (Civilian)
2007 Brigadier-General George D. Simpson, OMM, CD (Retired)
2007 Adjudant-chef J.R.Y. Beaudoin, CD
2007 Warrant Officer M.P. McKinney, CD
2007 Master Corporal J.P. Shorter, CD
2008 Lieutenant-Colonel J.A.P. Thomson, CD (Retired)
2010 Lieutenant-Colonel Gerhard ‘Gary’ A.W. Knopf, CD
2010 Lieutenant-Colonel David Gosselin, CD
2010 Sergent Joseph Sylvain Léger, CD
2010 Corporal Robert J. Howatt
2011 Colonel George Lackonick, CD
2011 Master Warrant Officer Terrence R. Murphy, MMM, CD (Retired)
2011 Sergeant Heather A. Chapman, CD
2012 Colonel Jim I. Holsworth, CD (Retired)
2012 Master Warrant Officer Mark W. Brown, CD
2012 Caporal-chef P.G.G. Poirier-Dulac
2012 Corporal Phillip C. Herring, CD
2013 ATESS / CCISF ATIS Technician Development Cell (Group Award)
2013 The CFSCE Publications Development Staff (Group Award)
2014 Colonel Walter A. Wood, CD
2014 Lieutenant-Colonel James Lambert, CD
2014 Major Benoit D. Achim, CD
2014 Major Allan E. Ferriss, CD
2014 Major Lorraine H. Fischer, CD
2014 Captain Gary R. Hayes, CD (Retired)
2014 Chief Warrant Officer Marcel M. Dinelle, CD
2014 Chief Warrant Officer J.Y.R. Giard, CD (Retired)
2014 Adjudant Sylvain Gagnon, CD
2014 Hamilton Signals Association (Group Award)
2014 The Signallers’ Club (Group Award)
2014 8 Air Communications and Control Squadron (Group Award)
2014 21 Electronic Warfare Regiment (Group Award)
2014 32 Signal Regiment (Group Award)
2014 33 Signal Regiment (Group Award)
2014 76 Communication Group (Group Award)
2014 Canadian Forces Information Operations Group (Group Award)
2014 Canadian Forces Joint Signal Regiment (Group Award)
2014 Canadian Forces School of Communications & Electronics (Group Award)
2015 Lieutenant-Colonel J.S.M. Bouffard, CD (Retired)
2015 Major Darrell G. Williams, CD
2015 Warrant Officer Stephen P. O’Shea, CD
2016 Colonel Pascal J.P. Godbout, CD
2016 Lieutenant-Colonel Darren L. Harper, OMM, CD
2016 Lieutenant-Colonell Nicholas P. Torrington-Smith, CD
2016 Maj Erik M. Esselaar, CD
2016 Mr. Barry Bell (Civilian)
2016 Mr. Burke Gerhardt (Civilian)
2016 Mr. Chester Jablonski (Civilian)
2016 Mr. David A. Douglas (Civilian)
2016 Mr. Doug Johns (Civilian)
2016 Mr. Ed Robinson (Civilian)
2016 Mr. Edward Blight (Civilian)
2016 Hamilton Signals Association (Group Award)
2017 Major Ann Ervin, CD
2017 Major Brigitte Allaire, OMM, CD
2017 Master Warrant Officer D. Taylor, CD
2017 Sergeant Jocelyn Gladu, CD
2017 Master Corporal Andrew Griffin
2017 Master Corporal Charles J. B. Le Moyne
2017 Master Corporal Bobby McKay
2017 Ms. Jan Race (Civilian)
2018 Signaller Tammy Piatkowski