The Communication & Electronics Association was incorporated under the Canada Corporations Act Part II as the Royal Canadian Signals Institute on 10 July 1970 as a Not For Profit (non-charitable) Corporation.  The Association has gone through several name changes since its inception.  The new ‘Canada Not For Profit Corporations Act (CNCA)’ came into effect on October 17, 2014.  This updated Act introduced a new set of rules for federally incorporated not-for-profit corporations in Canada.

The CNCA did not automatically apply to existing corporations and required the newly revamped Association to take action to make the transition to the CNCA or be dissolved.  As a result, Letters Patent have been replaced with Articles of Continuance and new By-Laws were written to reflect changes in the new Act.

The C&E Association, as a Not For Profit Corporation, is managed by a Board of Directors with advice from a number of subject matter Vice Presidents and ex-officio advisors.

The attached documents provide more detail and clarification to the above: