Preserve our Memorials

Our memorials commemorate many of the people, places and events that define C&E history and heritage. This is a project to find our C&E memorials, world-wide, build an inventory, research their history and fund repairs. Its scope encompasses:
monuments, cairns, plaques (e.g. Wegner Point, Vimy Gate, Blandford);
memorial lakes, natural features, buildings (e.g. Flt Sgt Leiven, 17 Wing);
assist unit displays (equipment, restoring vehicles, artifacts); and
identify opportunities to create new memorials (e.g. Hill 70, Dieppe, The Netherlands).

 This work also contributes to:
‘Graves of the Fallen’ to photograph and research C&E graves, led by Joe Costello
C&E / RCCS Honour Roll to assist C&E Branch and RCCS offices in recognizing our heroes

This is the index of the C&E Memorials Registry, click on any entry to see its details

Some entries are documented but others are only placeholders, help us by adding new entries or updating existing ones using this submission form

A memorial to commemorate the Canadians WWI action at Hill 70 was dedicated on 22 Aug 2017

Did you know that Saskatchewan’s commemorative naming program includes 34 communicators linked to names on our Honour Roll?

• We are looking for any memorials associated with the Pinetree Line ; and
• We need someone with a RCAF communications background to join our project team.
If you can help with either of these please contact Tony at .