Vintage Signals Team & 32 Signal Regiment – Another Great Success!

The Vintage Signals Team are a motley team of Veterans from Signals Units in Southern Ontario as well as volunteers who are passionate about sharing the Signals story.  The Team rose out of the vision of one man who looked around and saw the voices of World War One Signalers had been silenced and knew that we had to work to ensure that the voices who remained were not lost.  And so with one Heliograph a Team was born.  Through interactive displays, the Team share the stories of Signals.  The Team use the equipment of Boer War soldiers like the Heliograph to chart the growth of the tools available to early Signalers.  The Team also tell the story of coding from the Caesar shift to the Enigma Machine and into cyber. 

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709 (Signals) Toronto Army Cadet Corps with the Vintage Signals Team.

At the Queens Own Rifles Day 10th November 2018 at Casa Loma.

“I want to come back next year!” the five Cadets were needed to help with the amazing number of visitors to the Signals display at Casa Loma with the Queens Own Rifles.

The visitors from as far afield as Taiwan, Korea and the Baltic States were amazed at the knowledge in the equipment that the Cadets exhibited. Whether it was a switchboard and magneto phones or a Duplex Heliograph, the Cadets were up to the task.

An energetic and satisfying display with many questions from our visitors on code breaking and the authenticity of the film “The Imitation Game.”


24th October 2018, a cake was cut, beverages were drunk and “Jimmy” was loyally toasted in the Warrant and Sergeants Mess in CFB Borden.

WO Whelan, organized another Birthday bash for the Signallers of 1 Sqn and the Base ‘Jimmies’ to celebrate being a ‘Siggie’.

HLCol Lloyd put up a replica of the first Signals flag flown in Borden and

gave a quick overview of part of the Signals story. The questions from fellow signallers are always an opportunity for learning and the Tech members in the group quickly got the Morse Code keys working and the faint clicking of keys added happily to the conversations. After the presentation there was an opportunity for members to explore and rediscover some of the vintage Signals equipment and share stories of the last time they had used such kit.

The presentation focused on the secret signals war and some of the techniques from the first and second World Wars for dominating the ether and disadvantaging the enemy.

Topics that attracted interest after the presentation included the role of the German Moritz equipment and whether it was deployed in 1916 at Beaumont Hamel. If anyone has information regarding these members would really like to know.

A super initiative, well done well done 1 Sqn. Capt Caron and WO Whelan.

HLCol Lloyd with WO Whelan presenting during the Signals Birthday at CFB Borden WO&Sgts Mess

First slide of the Vintage Signals Presentation

I wanted to share a couple of really amazing photos of the Vintage Signals Team (VST) recently taken. We were part of the Fort York Great War 100 Days Commemoration. While there, we had the pleasure of being supported by the personnel of 32 Signal Regiment. One of the photos shows our Honorary Colonel Ken Lloyd demonstrating the heliograph to one of the current soldiers. I love how the photo demonstrates three different eras of history: the cannon represents the War of 1812; HCol Lloyd represents the WWI era; and, the young soldier represents today!

Just as exciting is the light beaming towards the camera from the other side of the parade square. The Team was asked to demonstrate the power of light from the heliograph and they happily obliged, but used only half its strength for safety sake.

The VST had over 1,000 visitors through the display, and have been asked to attend other events! Please feel free to share these amazing photos. I am so very proud of what the Team has been able to accomplish and share the story of Signals around the planet!

Thank you, Terri McGillivray, Vintage Signals Team President

The Vintage Signals Team in Berlin

Dear C&E Association Members.  Please find attached the report on Hamilton’s Vintage Signals Team visit to Berlin. The Vintage Signals team was invited to tell the story of Canadian Military signals at the EF Education Global Leadership Summit in Berlin, Germany.  The theme was “The influence of Technology in Society”.   The event involved 1,500 students and the VST’s workshop sat 73 people.

Congratulations again to the VST and all the individuals who contributed to this effort.  The VST continues to highlight and showcase our signals heritage to our youth both nationally and now on the international stage.


Hamilton Vintage Signals Team at Borden Air Show

Below is a short newsletter about the Hamilton Vintage Signals Team attendance at the Borden Air Show.

Newsletter provided by HLCol Ken Lloyd – 32 Signal Regiment.

Borden Airshow 2018

Hamilton Vintage Signals Team In Action

Hello Fellow Communicators…

On Saturday the Hamilton Vintage Signals Team did their usual display for the 32 Signal Regiment’s 142 Air Cadet Squadron in Mimico.

The event finished with an inter team challenge. A message had to be passed by phone to a switchboard then connected to a second phone by landline.

Then the message hand carried to a lamp station and sent in Morse Code to a Flag station and then sent in Semaphore to the Judges.

Simple enough and not beyond any average Signaler in 1918. Two of the teams had ex Sea Cadets in them and that’s where it got exciting. It was all down to the Semaphore

The Cadets wanted to do the competition again only encrypted this time. Sadly their parents were waiting to take them home.

Two pictures of our Semaphore experts in action. Well done 142!

The above information was provided by:

Ken Lloyd C.D,M.A
32 Signals Regiment