C&E E-Sports

We are proud to announce the C&E Branch E-Sports initiative. A way for our branch members, past and present, to stay in touch while also testing their skills in both casual and competitive gaming. Tailored to accommodate a broad range of interests and competencies, our program promises a welcoming space for everyone, from casual gamers seeking a relaxed atmosphere to competitive players aiming to challenge the elite. With a diverse selection of popular games, we’re set to reignite old friendships and spark new ones, ensuring every member finds their place in our growing community. Let’s get right into what we have planned for all of you!

Welcome to the Home of the Communications & Electronics Family


CMCEN is the Command Post for the C&E Branch and the extended C&E Family (active, retired, affiliated organizations).  This site promotes, informs, and supports promotions & retirements, honours & awards, and major events & ceremonies in an effort to celebrate the achievements of the oldest military communications service in the Commonwealth.


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