D-Day & Battle of Normandy 75th Anniversary

In 2014, C&E / Signals sent surviving veterans and serving members to D-Day ceremonies, and nominated 7 veterans for French Legion of Honour. Five markers were sponsored for RCCS signallers and RCAF wireless operator who died D-Day. For 2019, the Juno Centre is asking branches, corps, regiments to honour their 5,500 fallen in Normandy – 83 of whom were C&E / Sigs. http://www.junobeach.org/ Our community will:

Stimulate Research. Led by Joe Costello, and help from the Museum archives and Juno Centre, will continue to research the stories of the RCCS, plus RCAF wireless, RCN signals fallen. Our C&E fallen posted below.

Juno 75 Commemoration Campaign. Encourage our people, units, veteran groups to investigate the stories of our fallen and, if so inclined, sponsor their ‘dog tags.’ Details below.

Museum D-Day Exhibit. D-Day display will be added to the museum using the 2014 Juno markers.

D-Day Battlefield Studies. Encourage C&E retired and serving members to go on battlefield tours. Details below.

D-Day Ceremonies June 2019. Veterans’ Outreach will search for remaining Normandy veterans and liaise with VACC. Branch may send C&E / RCCS representation in the CAF contingent for Normandy ceremonies.

C&E community is encouraged to study the largest joint operation in history, with a glimpse of the bravery and sacrifice of our heroes.

Juno 75 Commemoration Campaign 

C&E / Signals community is encouraged to investigate the stories of our 83 fallen heroes and, if so inclined, sponsor their ‘dog tags.’  Juno 75 Commemoration Campaign is at: JBC-75CCC-CanadaEN-web

Research to date of our RCCS fallen is at: RCCS Losses Normandy 1944   We continue to search for RCAF wireless operators or RCN signallers who were casualties of D-Day and the Battle of Normandy.

D-Day and Normandy Battlefield Studies 2019

C&E / Signals retired and serving members are encouraged to go on a battlefield tour privately or as unit professional development. Seats are being offered for the RCA-organized tour. Itinerary and registration forms are here: Op UBIQUE 2019 75 Gunners to Normandy 75th – Poster and Itinerary D Day Registration Form ( Retired & Civilian ) 2019