The C&E Branch has entered the arena of E-Sports competition!

We are proud to announce the C&E Branch E-Sports initiative. A way for our branch members, past and present, to stay in touch while also testing their skills in both casual and competitive gaming. Tailored to accommodate a broad range of interests and competencies, our program promises a welcoming space for everyone, from casual gamers seeking a relaxed atmosphere to competitive players aiming to challenge the elite. With a diverse selection of popular games, we’re set to reignite old friendships and spark new ones, ensuring every member finds their place in our growing community. Let’s get right into what we have planned for all of you!


FPS, Fighting, TCG, Sports, Racing, MOBA. No games will be left out and there will be something for everyone’s gaming preference. Which games we play are completely up to you. We have two polls below for you to vote on which games you want to play. You can vote on up to three games you’d like to play. Don’t see your favorite, just add it to the poll!  You will also be able to vote on our official Discord channel once it is up and running in the next 2 weeks. Votes from both polls will be added together so make sure you vote on both.  The polls will close on 1 March 2024 so make sure you get your votes in quickly because you won’t have to wait long! 

We plan to hold our first TWO TOURNAMENTS the week of 25 March 2024 with prizes support directly from the Branch. So gear up and get ready to be thrust into the fray soon!

Not interested in playing? No problem, you can watch all the action live on Twitch so stay tuned for more info on CMCEN.


Winning a tournament is great, but how’s your long game? Each tournaments top 10 players will receive points based on where they placed in the field starting with our first tournament. Team play will be included so don’t lean too heavily on your teammates to win your matches as the team point system will judge players on their overall performance during their run through the tournament.  The best players will be placed on a criteria TBD so that even a player on the worst team could place in the top 10 players of the tournament if they played hard enough.

As the season progresses the leader board will be on Discord and CMCEN. At the end of the year, we crown our first ever E-Sports Champion.


An undertaking this massive could always use a hand.  Have a background in running a discord server? Are you familiar with how to run tournaments at a high level? We’d love to hear from you! 

From discord moderators to tournament organizers to judges, we need all the help we can get. If you would like to lend a hand in the overall building of our E-Sports initiative, please reach out to us via email at [email protected]. Please include your name, how you can help, and whether you are active or retired.

Interested in helping on a smaller scale? Each tournament will need seasoned veteran’s in the game to help us build an appropriate tournament structure. We would love for you to help us structure our tournaments and manage the matches to ensure smooth transitions from match to match.

We will have a discord topic for each game title we plan to run tournaments for. Please feel free to leave comments and ideas in the discord for us to review. Any insight into how you want these tournaments to run will be critical to its success. So don’t be shy and jump into the conversation.


Not ready to compete yet but still want to get in on the fun? We got you covered. Our dedicated discord server is the perfect place to link up with your squad. Servers for all types of gaming will be set up for you to enjoy. Whether you have a tournament ready squad, want to link up with a new squad, or just want to banter with other gamers of the branch this is the spot for you.

This is also a great way to add your input into upcoming tournaments. This community is all about you so come help us build it into a force in the E-Sports world.


Not yet but we have our eyes set on great things! Make no mistake, we want in on the action but first we want to foster a close knit, fun, and interactive community. The Branch leadership is fully supportive of the concept to build an E-Sports team but we want to ensure we have everything running smoothly before we enter into the competitive space.

For the first year we are going to build up our community and keep a close eye on the competition. After our inaugural season and crowning of our first E-Sports champion we will discuss amongst the community if there is interest in forming a competitive e-Sports team to represent the branch and CAF in Regional and National tournaments. 


In the next couple of weeks we will have more info on how to register for tournaments as well as the link to our discord.  In the meantime, join our social media pages and visit the CMCEN website get updates on this exciting new chapter in the Branch’s history.

See you online!

The C&E Branch E-Sports Team

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