Heritage Events – 2018

Operation Husky Battlefield Tour 02-12 November 2018


Our Association has been advised that the Gunners have organized another battlefield tour similar to what was done in 2017 when we celebrated the 100th anniversary of Vimy Ridge.   This 2018 tour will be to Sicily and Italy specifically recognizing Operation Husky – the invasion of Sicily that took place on 10 July 1943.  To set the stage and to give individuals a sense of our Signals contribution to this theatre of war, Joe Costello has put together a short summary highlighting the Royal Canadian Corps of Signals involvement in Op Husky.  This excellent summary is available at http://www.rcsigs.ca/index.php/Operation_Husky_and_Canadian_Signals.  Joe will continue to add to this material as it becomes available through other research.  As in 2017, the Gunners have graciously offered space on the tour to our C&E Association members.  Information on the itinerary and cost is included in the attached document.  The tour is again being coordinated through the Fields of Fire organization and supported by Merit Travel in Kingston.

Please note that there is an early sign up incentive for the first five members of our Association who commit to the tour.  The first five members to sign up will receive 50,000 Aeroplan points for each of the first 5 serving CELE or CELE veterans on pensions (ie the pension is their major source of income). These points would be transferred to the tour participant upon receipt of their deposit. In the event of a cancellation they would have to be returned.  Should our Association members not make use of this offer by the 18th of April we will forfeit them and they would be re-allocated to the Artillery.  Any of the first to register who wishes to, could defer the acceptance of their points which would then be available to other serving troops or veterans.

These points can be used for any travel and those who receive the sponsorship will be told that their best value will be to be used for travel in North America where they can buy 2 tickets from near one coast to the other! Used for Italy the service charges will be $600 at least and therefore not the best use of the points. Nevertheless, they offset the cost of participation on the trip by $1,000 to $1,500 dollars!

To register for the tour, contact Brian Cruickshank at Merit Travel in Kingston, ON: [email protected], or call 1-888-597-3519