Heritage Awards


To recognize individuals, teams, and organizations who make a noteworthy contribution to the preservation, education and celebration of Canada’s Military C&E Heritage.

As part of the Communications & Electronics Association’s Awards and Recognition Program, the Heritage Awards supplement other forms of recognition in our community such as Branch commendations and the Foundation’s Philanthropic Award. In this instance, these awards are intended for presentation to persons and organizations who promote our heritage and honour our legacy through their actions.  More detail on the Heritage Awards themselves, the Nomination and Submission Guide, and the Nomination Form are found below.


Photo Credit: Steeve Lavoie

Award Recipients


Year Recipient
2016 Colonel Peter H. Sutton, CD (Retired) – Lifetime Achievement
2016 Captain James C. Creamer, CD – Individual (Honour)
2016 Lieutenant-Colonel Kenneth Lloyd, CD – Individual (Honour)
2016 Master Warrant Officer Victor J. Burke, CD – Individual (Merit)
2016 Lieutenant-Colonel Hubert Jansen, CD (Retired) – Individual (Merit)
2016 Vintage Signals Team – Collective
2016 Membres de l’ Escadron des transmission du Groupe de Soutien de la 2e Division – Collective
2017 Lieutenant-Colonel Joseph Costello, CD (Retired) – Individual (Honour)
2017 Lieutenant-Colonel Robert Taylor, CD (Retired) – Individual (Merit)
2017 Master Warrant Officer J. Troyanek, CD (Retired) – Individual (Merit)
2018 Lieutenant-Colonel Lloyd J. Tien, CD (Retired) – Lifetime Achievement
2018 Master Corporal Dennis Stow, CD (Retired) – Lifetime Achievement
2018 Wendy M. Stewart – Individual (Honour)
2018 Lieutenant-Commander George T. Fraser, OMM, CD (Posthumous) – Individual (Honour)
2018 Warrant Officer Robert L. Wortman, CD (Retired) – Individual (Honour)

Canadian Forces Crypto Maintenance Squadron Heritage Team – Collective

2018 Canadian Forces Joint Signal Regiment History Section – Collective
2019 Sergeant Bill Murphy, CD (Retired) – Lifetime Achievement
2019 Warrant Officer Peter G. Nordstrom, CD – Individual (Honour)
2019 Captain Gregory C. Parent, CD – Individual (Merit)
2020 Lieutenant-Colonel Mervyn Embury, CD (Retired) – Lifetime Achievement
2020 Chief Petty Officer 1st Class Wayne R. Moore, MMM, CD (Retired) – Individual (Honour)
2020 Chief Warrant Officer Maynard Whitlaw, CD (Retired) – Individual (Honour)