Monthly Newsletter – “Salute”

We Asked, You Said, We Did

We believe those we serve need to be at the heart of every decision we make. In support of this commitment to Veterans, retired RCMP members, and the families who care and support them, Veterans Affairs Canada has launched Let’s Talk Veterans (Let’s Talk Veterans) on 15 December 2020. This online stakeholder engagement platform will help us consult on topics relevant to the Veteran community and allow for broad and diverse stakeholder participation from across Canada.

Our goal is to give those who are passionate about Veterans’ issues the power to influence our policy and improve upon the programs we offer. By increasing our capacity to seek guidance from Veterans and active members of the servicecommunity, their representatives, families, and Canadians everywhere, we can focus our research and improve how we design and deliver programs to meet the modern and changing needs of those we serve.

After each consultation, a final report or summary will be posted to Let’s Talk Veterans, clearly showing the feedback that we have received. A section for each consultation will display three categories – “We Asked”, “You Said”, and “We Did” – which outlines the outcomes of the consultation and how we responded. If you want to support Veterans and their families please visit Let’s Talk Veterans and sign up to register. The registration process takes less than 60 seconds and only needs to be done one time. Once you are registered, you will be automatically notified each time we launch a new consultation and may also choose
to receive future editions of this newsletter by email.