Long Term Care

If a veteran requires long-term care, Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) can contribute to the cost of care if the veteran meets certain criteria: military service, income eligibility, and whether their need for long-term care is due to a service related disability. Support for long-term care is provided in three care settings:

  • Community beds in community facilities with beds that provide nursing home care to veterans as well as other provincial residents
  • Contract beds in community facilities that have beds designated for priority access to eligible veterans
  • Departmental beds located at St Anne’s Hospital in Montreal.

Financial Support Available Veterans in long-term care cover only the cost of their accommodations and meals. If a veteran cannot afford this cost then VAC may pay a portion of it. The exception is a veteran who is admitted to long-term care because of the condition for which they have a disability entitlement. In that case, VAC pays for the full cost of care plus the veterans’ accommodations and meals. The delivery of long-term care is a provincial/territorial responsibility. All provincial health care systems in Canada provide some level of residential care in provincially licensed or regulated facilities. How do I apply for long term care? Provincial, regional, or local health authorities largely control the assessment, placement and admission process for long-term care. To determine if you need long-term care you should first contact the agency responsible for long-term care in your province. Eligibility Eligibility is based on the veterans’ service and their health needs and includes various types of long-term care in the provinces:

  • War service veterans and certain civilians may qualify for intermediate care or chronic care at VAC’s contract facilities, or at the more than 1,900 community facilities across the country, some of which have contractual arrangements with VAC
  • CAF veterans may qualify to receive intermediate or chronic care in a community facility if the need for this care is related to an entitled condition
  • Allied veterans who have lived in Canada for 10 or more years after their period of service may be eligible for long-term care in a community facility

MORE INFORMATION In view of the complexity of the Long Term Care Program, it is recommended that you visit the VAC website http://www.veterans.gc.ca or call toll-free 1-866-522-2122 (English) or 1-866-522-2022 (French).