MWO Claude Lavoie, CD, MMM, RCCS (Retired)

26 Mar 22

Master Warrant Officer Claude Lavoie, CD, M.M.M. (Retired) passed away peacefully on March 26, 2022, at his home in Quebec City. Joseph Roland Claude Lavoie retired from the Canadian Armed Forces, after 33 years, in 2015.

Originally from La Tuque (Quebec), held the rank of Master Warrant Officer. A very involved man, he recently presided over the destinies of the Royal Canadian Legion of La Tuque. He was very present in the La Tuque community. A born communicator, he was sometimes seen in the media, again lately, to comment on current events, including the war in Ukraine. On social networks, testimonies have been numerous since the announcement of his death. A busy career. It was in 1983 that Claude Lavoie (Ti-Cas for his friends) began his career as a radio operator in the Armed Forces. After his basic and trade training, he was transferred to the 5ei Ambulance de campagne at the Valcartier base. In 1987, he left for Germany for four years, before returning to Valcartier in 1991. He was transferred to the Quartier Général et Escadron des Transmissions (QGET). From 1992, while he posted with the 12e Régiment Blindé du Canada (12 RBC), he had the opportunity to participate in two missions in the former Yugoslavia, one under the aegis of the United Nations (1993) and the other overseen by NATO (1996). In 1998, Claude Lavoie accomplished a United Nations mission in the Central African Republic (MINURCA). Upon his return, he returned at QGET between 1998 and 2000. In 2000, he became a regular support staff for the 714 Communications Squadron reserve unit in Sherbrooke, Quebec. In 2006, he completed his first mission in Afghanistan as part of the Operational Mentoring and Liaison Teams (OMLT) within the International Assistance and Security Force (ISAF) as an adviser to the military of the Afghan National Army (ANA). In 2009, he returned to Afghanistan for a second mission with OMLT. The exceptional work and efforts of Master Warrant Officer Claude Lavoie were recognized by the U.S. Army when he received the Achievement Medal as well as the Commendation Medal. These two medals are awarded exceptionally for sustained acts of heroism and meritorious services rendered. Back in 2010 in Valcartier, he became the chief communication operator of the 5th brigade. Some time later, he was transferred to the Canadian Forces Leadership and Recruit School (CFLRS) in St-Jean as one of the Division Sergeant Major. After which, in 2012, he will return to Valcartier as project manager. This communicator also worked in the field of web radio and had been appointed, in 2015, to be the first president of the Rotary Club on the Valcartier base. In 2013, Master Warrant Officer Lavoie received the Order of Military Merit (M.M.M.) for his dedication and diligence, at Rideau Hall in Ottawa, a distinction given to members of the Canadian Armed Forces for their military duty, but also to beyond what their duty required. In 2020, as President of the Legion branch in La Tuque, he helped organize a party for his friend Joseph (Jos) Tardif, another veteran, who was celebrating his 100th birthday. In memory of Claude Lavoie, the Canadian Legion of La Tuque (Quebec) lowered its flag at half mast.

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