Ronald Brendon Bulger, Captain, CD2 (Ret’d)

28 Oct 22

November 22, 1958 to October 28, 2022. Alberton, PEI – Dartmouth, NS, and many points in between.

In his 64 years of life, Ron went by many names. If you knew him by one of these names, please remember him in the best of times.

If you knew him as Ronald, or Ronnie, you were part of his early life. He had a small circle of friends and family that he always spoke of with love and caring. His parents Brendon and Rosalie, his brother Brendon and sister Linda predeceased him. Sisters Cathy, Darlene, and Della, and their families remain, as well as many other relatives he cherished.

Keegan and Grace came along to give him one of his most important names, Dad. He loved you both so much. When you succeeded, he was celebrating with you. When you were hurting, he hurt more, for you. He was so very proud of you both, in your struggles and your joys. When you met your life partners Kim, and Brad, he was so happy to have them join our family. He was immensely proud of you both as well, particularly with the successes in the past work year. He knows how hard you worked for those promotions and job changes.

If you knew him as Ron, or Sarge, or Chief, or Sir, you are one of our current neighbours or one of the many people who crossed paths him with in his 34+ years in the Canadian Armed Forces, from basic to Chatham to Baden to Gander to Shearwater to Stadacona to Ottawa to Cold Lake to Greenwood to North Bay, where he finally retired before our move back to Nova Scotia.

If you knew him as Spot, in 2012, you hiked with him in bubbles along the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine and shared ups and downs (literally and figuratively). You gave him many wonderful memories and he continued to follow AT hikers all along.

We went home to Nova Scotia that fall, first to Wilmot and then in 2014 to Dartmouth where he assumed his best and all-encompassing role. We were blessed with four grandchildren. Avery (High Hope) just couldn’t get the suggested “Gramps” out, so just like that the world’s greatest “Manch” was born. Elliott (High Heart), Jane (a Song), and Dean (High Spirit) joined us, and filled his heart to overflowing. There are just not enough words to express his love and absolute devotion to these parts of his heart.

I guess that leaves one more name, Dear, but really I, his wife Joy, knew him by all these and more. I’ve known him since he was a Ronald, and grew with him until he turned into all the rest, sharing his joys and his sorrows right to the end. We were married almost 42 years, and anyone married that long knows there were, like on his hikes, ups and downs, and ups again.

Oh, yeah, one more name, but we don’t know it. He was an organ donor and all his available tissue will be donated for transplant and / or medical and scientific training, Ain’t that just like him?

His generous nature would want you to remember others going through rough times. Please make a contribution to your local food bank. If you don’t have one nearby, we have supported Feed Nova Scotia over the last number of years.

We’re off to High Adventures!
Four things we need along:
High heart,
High hope
High spirit
And a song.
High Heart to give us courage, High Hope for venturing, High Spirit for companionship, and the Song? To sing!
(Author unknown – from a schoolbook he had in elementary school. We sing it together as we head out on our adventures.)

Friends and family are welcome to join us in a celebration of his amazing life, November 20, 2 to 4 PM, at 200 Royale Blvd., Dartmouth. There will be birthday cake.