Sgt Clarence “Gene” Eugene Antle, CD, RCCS (Retired)

24 Sep 21

Clarence Eugene Antle (Gene), 79, of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, passed away during cancer surgery on Sept 24, 2021 at 1:12pm at the Victoria General Hospital in Halifax.

Born in Bishop’s Falls, Nfld. to Cyril & Lillian Antle September 2, 1942 Gene Antle, became a teacher in his early life in Pelley’s Island and then later he went on to a career in the Canadian Military as an Army Sergeant and Communication Tech. He retired from the Military and moved to Newfoundland where he and his family spent some time with his mother Lillian before her passing. He then moved back to Nova Scotia and rejoined the Canadian Military for a time. Then after his 2nd retirement from the Canadian Military he joined DND and was the Cable Plant Manager for DND until his retirement. He was instrumental in improving the lives and careers of everyone who worked for him during that period.

In 1955, Gene met and married his wife, Marilyn Brown who had her daughter Katherine whom he loved as his own and they went on together to have three more children Karen, Kelly and Kevin. Gene worked hard to provide for his family but had some problems with alcohol addiction early in life. He eventually overcame this addiction and then afterwards dedicated much of his life to helping others with their addictions and no doubt helped hundreds of other people to sober, clean and happier lives. Gene was a dedicated father, grandfather and husband. He did everything he could to bolster, guide and improve the lives of his children and his grandchildren at every opportunity through his love and generosity.

Gene was a skilled golfer, a sports lover, a frequent poker player, a dedicated musician and entertainer. He loved to entertain and tell jokes especially with his wife Marilyn beside him harmonizing. He especially loved Gospel and Bluegrass music as it so mirrored his own personality and beliefs. Always thinking of others less fortunate than themselves they performed hundreds of times for the benefit of others and often performed for the elderly living in Seniors homes.

Gene was a strong, kind, loving, and supportive father. His knowledge and guidance were the foundation of our family.

Gene was predeceased and joins his parents, Cyril and Lillian Antle, and his siblings Daisy, Ivan, Cyril, Nelson and Eileen and he leaves behind his wife Marilyn, his 4 children, Katherine, Karen, Kelly and Kevin as well his 5 grandchildren Jordan, Sheldon, Kelvin, Bradley and Amelia. Clarence (Gene) also leaves behind siblings and partners George and Janet, Julie and Tony, Roy and Patsy, Gerald and Marilyn, Betty Mae and Norm, Bruce, Barb, Diane, Linda, Jean and Carol-Ann as well as many loving nephews and nieces. He loved all of his family dearly of which I have no doubt we all knew through his love.

Clarence Eugene Antle (Gene) Forever Loved, Forever Missed, & Forever in our Hearts!