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e.g. Captain Felix Bloggins, CD
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Details about the retiring member

e.g. Sergeant Ian M. Bloggins, CD
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Mandatory Acknowledgements and Members Consent

Releasing Member Review
The releasing member must review the information being submitted to us to ensure it is accurate. This will eliminate the delays of reprints and mailing costs to fix mistakes.
Releasing Member Consent
To protect the privacy of the member and their families it is important the member is aware of where the information is being posted. The retirement messages are posted while the member is still serving so to preserve OPSEC, details about their current job and deployments/assignments should be kept to a minimum. Lastly, we will only post the members rank, initial and last name. (eg: Sgt I. Bloggins, CD).
Please read and confirm the following statement:
If you choose not to upload a picture you acknowledge we will use the signals crest in place.
Photos can be candid or official portrait. Thumbnails and MM photos are not accepted.