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Family Certificate

Member Certificate

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OPI Details (Required)

This is the information about the person submitting the request (the OPI)
The phone number must be valid. If you are away from your desk use a cell number.
Email of OPI
This must be a valid email that is checked regularly. We will use this to contact you when the certificate is ready or if any errors are detected.

Identity of the retiring member (Required)

e.g. Ian M. Bloggins, CD
Decorations & Post-nominals (if appl)

Details about the members trade and unit served (Required)

eg: 1 CMBG HQ & Sigs

Important Dates (Required)

When did the member enroll in the Canadian Armed Forces?
If the member remustered from another trade, what date did they become part of the communications branch?
This is the date you will need to have the certificates in your possession.
When will the member retire from the Canadian Armed Forces?
When is their DWD taking place.

Member's Spouse Detail (Optional)

What relationship is the member to the spouse? This will be used on the certificate for the following statement:

"You have earned our utmost appreciation for your unselfish and faithful devotion towards your husband's/wife's/etc successful military career."

Family Certificates (optional)

If the member wishes to have certificate's of appreciation for each of their family members please fill in the section below.

Each line filled out will auto-populate another blank line, up to 5. If you need more the last option will show a text box where you can type all the additional names (one per line).

This section generates a lot of questions for us. Hopefully we can explain it:
From the relationship dropdown list select the family members relations to the member and then type their name in the full name box.

For example, the retiring member is Sgt Bloggins.

  • If Sgt Bloggins wishes for his brother to have a certificate, from the list select Brother and then type the brothers full name.
  • If Sgt Bloggins wishes for his daughter to have a certificate, then select Father and type his daughters name in the full name.
  • If Sgt Bloggins wishes for his mother to have a certificate, select Mother of the member and type Sgt Bloggin's mother's name in the full name.

  • How is the member related to the 1st family member?
    Exactly how you want it to appear on the certificate

    Complete address to where certificate(s) are to be sent (Required)