The SUBALTERN of the Year Award recognizes the top C&E Branch Subaltern whose outstanding sense of duty, steadfast dedication to the mission, exceptional loyalty to the chain-of-command, remarkable leadership, and unfaltering professional bearing brought great credit to the Branch, and enabled exemplary Command & Control capabilities to the Canadian Armed Forces.

It may be awarded to a C&E Branch officer holding the rank of Lieutenant or 2nd Lieutenant.  A Captain may be nominated so long as the officer served as a Lieutenant at some point throughout the reporting period, and only their time as a subaltern may be counted toward the nomination.

Beyond the time and rank criteria, the nominee must have performed a deed or activity considered beyond the demands of normal duty and who made an exceptional contribution to the goals and objectives of the C&E Branch in support of the Canadian Armed Forces.  The officer is considered a top performer who manifests the highest tier of professional bearing coupled with an unrivaled degree of dedication and integrity.

The award is bestowed during C&E Week (late October timeframe) each year.


Award Recipients


Year Recipient
2012 Lieutenant Christopher Vernon
2013 Lieutenant Jason Kauenhofen
2014 Lieutenant Gayle Motycka
2015 Captain Alex Kisielius
2016 Captain Kathryn Bowen
2017 Lieutenant Kyle McLaughlin
2018 Lieutenant Tristan Archambault
2019 Captain Matthias Bowles
2020 Captain Garrett McDonald