Netherlands 2020

We are proud to launch the ‘Netherlands 2020′ study to commemorate the legacy of our predecessors during the liberation of The Netherlands.

Signallers ‘got comms thru’ as Canadians fought over the Channel, on the coast of France & Belgium, and dykes of the Netherlands. We helped liberate the Dutch and rebuild their lives. Canadian linemen connected the German’s to Gen Foulkes for the surrender.

The program is superb: 26 Apr-1 May, pre-tour of channel ports (Dunkirk, Calais, Scheldt); and, 30 Apr-10 May, main effort in The Netherlands (Market Garden, Op Veritable, Groesbeek, Apeldoorn, Hochwald, Rhine Crossing)

Everyone has the opportunity to research the campaign and ‘signal stories’ through interaction with professional historians and colleagues, with readings and pre-tour presentations. Our allies may join us, Royal Signals in Arnhem and Dutch Signals at their Museum in Amersfoort, as well as our C&E colleagues in Europe.

50 seats are held for serving C&E Branch members, and 50 for paying veterans, senior serving and families. Sponsored seats will be allocated to units with the challenge sending their deserving troops. We have interest of the Canadian Dutch community and several corporate sponsors, but need units and veteran groups to get behind this! One initiative underway is a special edition Netherlands 2020 Beer by Signal Brewery

Watch this space! Program is being finalized, a command team appointed, and the instructions, study material and registration to follow.

A battlefield study is a look at our profession and lessons from the past. However, the true value is the pride instilled in our people, in the uniform they wear, and the comradery created by bringing veterans and soldiers together through their common history.