51st Anniversary Memorial Service for Fallen Paratroopers


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51st Anniversary Memorial Service for Fallen Paratroopers


May 5th, 2019

Sunday 11:00 am

The annual Memorial Service for the Seven Paratroopers who lost their lives in the Ottawa River during a training exercise parachute drop on May 8th 1968.

Reflect-Reconnect-Never Forget

MWO Riddell R.G. (Reg) 1RCR
WO McDonnell M.P. ( Mike) 1 RCR
Cpl Chiswell B.N. (Bruce) 1 RCR
Cpl Clements D.W. (Dennis) 2 Sigs Sqn
Cpl Fields D.H. (Hugh) 2 Sigs Sqn
Cpl Knight R.J.G.(Bob)
Cpl Misener P.J. ( Jim)


We have permission from Garrison Petawawa to hold the service at the Memorial Cairn Wegner Point, Sunday May 5th, 2019 @ 11:00 am.

There will be a few changes this year as I had mentioned at the 50th Memorial Service. These changes will be for the better, ensuring that our Magnificent 7 will Never be Forgotten.

It is very important to have the support and understanding of all if this Service is to continue. Also the DVD of the 50th is complete. If you would like to purchase one, the cost is $15.00 which includes shipping.

Please note that I will not require any donations for the service this year. Thank you to all those who have donated funds over the past years.

In Comradeship,
Dennis Stow
470 Fraser St.
Pembroke ON
K8A 1Y7
If there are any questions or concerns, please contact me via e-mail or landline any time.
[email protected] or 1-613-732-4477

The following is a direct extract from an old online version of the C&E Branch history.

On 8 May 1968 2 Airborne Signal Troop (of 2 Signal Squadron, Petawawa) participated with other units in a parachute drop at Camp Petawawa Ontario.  Due to a wind shift a number of the parachutists landed in the adjacent Ottawa River rather than on the designated landing zone.  While many were saved others who had landed in the water were drowned before rescue was possible.  Lost were:

Corporal DW Clements                              2 Airborne Signal Troop

Corporal DH Fields                                     2 Airborne Signal Troop

Corporal RJG Knight                                  2 Airborne Signal Troop

Corporal PJ Misener                                  2 Airborne Signal Troop

Master Warrant Officer RG Riddell            Royal Canadian Regiment

Warrant Officer MP McDonnell                  Royal Canadian Regiment

Corporal BN Chiswell                                 Royal Canadian Regiment

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