A/CDS Coin Presentation – Cpl Daniel Taylor (ATIS) CFSTG Tech Svcs


Cpl Daniel Taylor (ATIS), a member of the C&E Branch from CFSTG Tech Svcs Borden was recently recognized with a coin from the CDS (acting at the time of presentation) Gen Eyre on 2 Nov 21 during an A/CDS Townhall at CFB Borden.

The citation is as follows:

Cpl Taylor demonstrated excellent leadership far beyond his current rank level when he assumed the position of IC IM West, a position normally reserved for the rank of sergeant. In this position, Cpl Taylor was responsible for the crucial IT requirements within the COVID environment for the RCAF 500 series force generation training, the AERE officer training, and the 400THS operational mandate. Cpl Taylor ensured that section personnel were assigned appropriate tasks which were completed in an efficient manner. He was a contributing presence in unit meetings and provided concise, succinct reports to his supervisor on all section activities. Cpl Taylor was instrumental in the transfer of the Bell Helicopter Textron SAP System from commercial internet to GPNET which required approvals from national and coordination with multiple stakeholders resulting in substantial monthly cost savings to the CF. Cpl Taylor organised a unit luncheon for departing members, ensured venue was booked, co-ordinated attendance, and provided a memorable experience for all who participated. Cpl Taylor is an exceptional aviator who consistently over achieves on his duties. He takes an active role in the well-being of his peers, is a Sentinel, and a member of the Jr. Ranks Committee.

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