Branch Leadership visits the Cadet Digital OJT camp in Brandon Manitoba

by | Sep 12, 2023 | News | 0 comments


The C&E Branch Leader and the Branch CWO visited the Cadet Digital OJT, hosted by Brandon CTC, on 17 Aug 2023. During their visit, the received back briefs and asked questions as part of a panel which looked at the Cadets’ agile product development projects. The Cadets designed and developed innovative solutions to handle administrative challenges related to the Cadet program using the Cadet365 platform. At the conclusion of the project briefs, presentations were made to the Cadets. These included course certificates and some honours and recognition, which included the presentation of the Order of St. George Medal to the top Staff Cadet participating in the Digital OJT. The C&E Branch Leader and Branch CWO were suitably impressed with the Cadets’ motivation, innovation and enthusiasm and are incredibly pleased to have been a part of the second iteration of this activity in the Cadet program.


Bravo Zulu to the Digital OJT Cadets and their leadership on a job very well done!

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