Branch Standing Orders (2020) Published


The Branch Leader and Colonel Commandant are pleased to announce that the latest iteration of the Branch Standing Orders (BSO) are now published externally on CMCEN ( and internally on the Branch Adjutant’s SharePoint Site (please reach out to Major Blair Christie – C&E Branch Adjutant – for links to this, and other Branch resources via the DWAN as required).



The BSO underwent a substantial year-long review involving numerous researchers, volunteers, editors, and staff officers.  The 2007 version contained under 40 pages; the current publication boasts 260 pages replete with graphics, portraits, biographies, detailed annexes, and appendices for a range of historical, ceremonial, and organizational affairs.


Corrections & Comments:

Please direct any comments, edits, or questions to Major Christie – OPI for the BSO revision – should additional details, information, commentary, or corrections be required.


BSO Navigation:

The Table of Contents (ToC) for the parent document and Annex H (Mess Dinner Planning Guide) are hyperlinked and bookmarked for ease of navigation to sections and topics of interest.  Additionally, all headers in the main body as well as the annex / appendix titles are hyperlinked and will return you to the proper area in the ToC.  It is requested that you download a copy of the .pdf file to your local workstation or laptop as the web-viewing option may cause minor issues with the accuracy of the embedded links and bookmarks.


A draft version of BSO has been on CMCEN for several days for the purpose of collecting initial feedback and corrections from several authorities.  If you accessed a copy of the draft upload prior to this message release date (Wednesday, 08 April 2020), it is requested that you omit your current copy and download the updated version available today.  This latest iteration contains a series of improvements, grammatical corrections, additional images, modifications, and updates based on feedback and review.

A French version is set for release at a future date once the Branch Office engages professional translation services.



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