The C&E Branch Update represents the final component of C&E Week 2020. It aims to address the wider C&E community on issues, challenges, and opportunities facing our Branch and our founding services.  Additionally, it provides a fitting venue to recognize our members by means of honours, awards, and educational bursaries.

Branch Update Agenda: C&E Week 2020 – Branch Update Agenda

Virtual Attendance Details:

The Branch Update will be broadcasted as a Microsoft Teams Live Event.  As mentioned in the instructions and news post, the Branch Update shall occur on Thursday, 29 October 2020 from 0930 – 1200 hours EST.

  • For Attendees:
    The link to the meeting shall be displayed below once all details are properly configured.  It is expected to be online in the coming days.  The Branch Office will also share the link across the C&E Branch Distribution Lists on the DWAN GAL for mass awareness.
  • For Presenters:
    Speakers will be invited directly by the Branch Update OPI and his moderating / Tech Support Staff via calendar invites to your preferred MS Teams account (Defence O-365 or personal profile).

Link to Microsoft Teams Live Event:


Producers / Presenters:
Able to login via DWAN infrastructure (base-side or via DVPNI) or personal system (COTS laptop and commercial ISP).  WRT to slide-decks – the moderator / producer will control as much as possible.

Audience Members:
Strongly recommended to attend using personal / COTS system and commercial ISP.  MS Edge Internet browser works fine.  Accessing via DWAN / DVPNI during testing yielded intermittent connection as best for audience members.

Slido (Q&A Platform):

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