Canada’s Peacekeeping Legacy: Honoring 60 Years since Cyprus


On March 13th, 2024, Canada marked the 60th anniversary of its pivotal peacekeeping endeavors in Cyprus. The ceremony unfolded at the National Peacekeeping Monument (The Reconciliation) in Ottawa, remembering the enduring legacy of Canadian military service on the island all those years ago.

Dignitaries and veterans gathered to pay homage to the 25,000+ Canadian Armed Forces members who embarked on the mission to Cyprus between 1964 and 1993. Steering the proceedings were Colonel (retired) Jim Holsworth and Lieutenant-Colonel Marc Comeau, who shared Master of Ceremonies duties. The event provided a reminder of each CAF member’s enduring commitment to global harmony and security. Captured in the attached photograph, Holsworth (right) and Comeau (left) stand shoulder to shoulder behind a podium.

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