In December 2023, the Canadian Forces Information Operations Group (CFIOG) tragically lost Corporal Jonathan Dunster, a dedicated Signals Intelligence Specialist. Corporal Dunster’s vibrant personality, athleticism, and commitment to service left a lasting impact on those who knew him. His passing was deeply felt by his family, friends, and colleagues.

Last month, a CFIOG command team consisting of Colonel Corey Crosby and Chief Warrant Officer Rob Sherman visited Fisher House at Fort Eisenhower, Georgia. The purpose of their sojourn was to express gratitude to the House for having provided accommodation and support to Corporal Dunster’s brother who stayed in Fisher House after Corporal Dunster passed away. During their tour, the command team shared moments of reflection and appreciation with the staff at Fisher House.

First image: (Left to right) Colonel Corey Crosby and Fisher House manager Francisco Cruz Jr.

Second image: (Left to right) Master Corporal Jean-Sebastien Roy-Cyr, Chief Warrant Officer Rob Sherman, Francisco Cruz Jr., Colonel Corey Crosby, and Captain Christopher Watson.

Pictured: (Left to right) Canadian Armed Forces coin and Commander Canadian Forces Information Operations Group coin

Among the photos shared from the visit, one poignant detail stands out: crossed hockey sticks displayed prominently at Fisher House. These hockey sticks hold a special significance, symbolizing a gesture of gratitude and camaraderie between Canadian and American forces.

In 2008, CFJSR 1 Line Squadron presented these hockey sticks to Fisher House at Fort Eisenhower, formerly Fort Gordon, as a token of appreciation. This gesture stemmed from when a Canadian lineman, injured in Afghanistan, received care at a U.S. Army medical facility in Landstuhl, Germany. The Fisher House located in Landstuhl provided support to the lineman’s family during their stay, inspiring the presentation of the hockey sticks by OC and SSM 1 Line Squadron, Curtis Penney, and Blair McKnight.

These hockey sticks now serve as a symbol of unity and support, embodying the bonds forged through shared experiences and mutual respect between military organizations. The Fort Eisenhower Fisher House team members are very proud of the hockey sticks. As visitors enter the House, they are greeted by this emblem of solidarity, a reminder of the enduring connections within the military community.

The Communications and Electronics Branch would like to extend our thanks once again to Fisher House for supporting our fallen and injured members and their families.

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