The Communications and Electronics Branch currently possesses a single Book of Remembrance  which resides in the Memorial Room of the Military C&E Museum.  This book was a gift – a memorial – entrusted to The Royal Canadian Corps of Signals by the late Brigadier-General E.D. Baldock MBE, EM, CD who dedicated this manuscript of fallen names on the 22nd of September 1963. Its pages contain names of those Corps members who died in the conflicts of the Great and Global Wars alongside several UN operations and NATO campaigns up to the early 1960s.  The actual criteria used for inclusion in the book is unknown.

Several concerted efforts throughout the years endeavored to compile the names of Branch and Corps members who died in the service of Canada. Several such initiatives date back several decades with the most recent attempt carried out by the late Lieutenant-Colonel Joe Costello, CD (Retired). Much of Colonel Costello’s work is archived within his rcsigs.ca website under the header ‘Honor Roll’.  Again, the actual criteria used for inclusion in Colonel Costello’s Honor Roll is not known, nor stated.  Unfortunately, Colonel Joe passed away recently so much of the context for his effort is lost.

As noted above, the existing RCCS Book of Remembrance dates to the early 1960s and cannot be modified.  However, several related initiatives do provide some tier of aid. The former Signallers’ Club of Canada managed to maintain a roster of club members who passed away.  However, this list included all retired members who died, and not necessarily those whose death was related to military service.  The Afghanistan Honour Roll – maintained in the C&E Museum – includes only those who were killed in that specific theatre.  Joe Costello’s aforementioned list contains greater detail but is not up-to-date.  There are also lists prepared for the Semaphore to Satellite history book (dated 2013) and – of course – the Vimy Gate Memorial re-dedication in 2014.

There also exist multiple VAC Books of Remembrance including the 7th edition titled In Service of Canada Book of Remembrance .  This volume lists some 1,900 members of the CAF who died while serving Canada since 1947, excluding those who are commemorated in the Korean War Book of Remembrance.  The 7th volume leverages very specific criteria for inclusion.  Included individuals must have ‘died in conflict, peacetime training exercises, deployments abroad, or other military duty’.  Individuals who die after leaving military service are also eligible, even if they succumb to injuries or illnesses attributable to military service.

Determining an individual’s eligibility for inclusion in an official Book of Remembrance normally requires access to the member’s military service file.  Access by an individual, other than a family member, is not permitted under the Privacy Act. Veterans Affairs does have special access permission for such research, and they routinely access such files as part of their primary responsibility for maintaining the 7th Book of Remembrance. Using the VAC criteria, while somewhat restricted, would permit the C&E Family to recognize its fallen while concurrently keeping the initiative to a manageable effort. This approach will require coordination with VAC.  However, even using the VAC parameters will not eliminate all discrepancies. For example, after an initial check of the 7th Book of Remembrance some C&E members’ names are missing despite meeting eligibility criteria.  These discrepancies will need to be addressed with VAC.

Below is a consolidated list of all those included in the various Branch and Corps lists noted above.  Those highlighted require reconciliation based on the VAC criteria.  Additional information on some of these individuals is available from Colonel Costello’s website and will be used going forward.  The non-highlighted names are on one or more of our Branch and Corps lists, and are already included in the VAC Book of Remembrance.  Please feel free to pass on any additional or updated information to Kevin O’Keefe at [email protected] about those on the highlighted list or if you know of any individuals who you believe might qualify based on the criteria listed above.  If there are individuals about whom you may be unsure, please send them along as they will be submitted to VAC for adjudication though there are no guarantees that individuals will be accepted for inclusion.  Also, there are several RCCS personnel who passed away in 1946-47 who are listed in the VAC Book of Remembrance but not listed in any C&E Branch list.  Finally, there are many RCAF Radar personnel who perished in the Second World War who are listed in Semaphore to Satellite and VAC, but no other lists.

Your C&E Association is determined to ensure that all our Branch and Corps personnel who died in the service of our country are commemorated and immortalised in the 2nd C&E Branch Book of Remembrance. Please help us do so.


Brigadier-General Kevin O’Keefe, OMM, CD (Retired)

Ser Last Name Initials Rank Date of Death Location
1 Henderson E Sgt 17-Oct-33 Camsell River, NWT&Y Radio System
2 Lang WC L/Cpl 30-Dec-33 Fort Rae, NWT&Y Radio System
3 McIntosh DE 1936 1936 Mersa, Egypt
4 Prentice WD L/Cpl 03-May-42 A-7 CSTC, Vimy Barracks
5  Haagenson E Sigmn 03-Nov-48 Hay River, NWT&Y Radio System
6  Steele PR Sigmn 28-Jan-51 Ontario
7 McMartin WJ 1952 Hanover
8 Stowe RS 1952 Hanover
9  Tivy WG 2Lt 08-Nov-52 Near Kingston, PWOR
10 George, DH LCol 08-Jun-55 Paderborn, West Germany
11  D’Aoust MJ Sigmn 23-Jul-55 Camp Gagetown
12 E.B Budd EB Sigmn 14-Oct-56 Fort Smith, NWT&Y Radio System
13 . Pennell KE Cpl 15-Sep-57 Middle East
14  Mason NE Sigmn 15-May-58 Middle East
15  Moffett BW Sgt 01-Oct-59 United Kingdom
16 Moore RH Sgt 06-Oct-61 Congo
17 Olivier E Cpl 09-Dec-61 Middle East
18 Malboeuf JAE Cpl 21-Aug-62 Werl, Germany
19 Prince RH L/Cpl 06-Jan-63 Camp Borden
20  Fummerton NE Sigmn 21-Aug-64 Fort Beausejour, Iserlohn, Germany
21 Crouse PM Sigmn 19-Aug-66 Middle East
22  Kowcur GG Cpl 29-Jun-67 Near Kingston
23 Washington LC Sgt 26-Oct-67 Camp Petawawa
24 Baril JCM Capt 22-May-68 Vimy Barracks
25 Clements DW Cpl 08-May-68 Camp Petawawa
26 Fields DH Cpl 08-May-68 Camp Petawawa
27 Knight RJG Cpl 08-May-68 Camp Petawawa
28 Misener PJ Cpl 08-May-68 Camp Petawawa
29 D’Arc St Germain J 24-Jun-70 CFHQ, Ottawa
30 Craig AF Cpl 15-Feb-71 Ottawa
31 Amiro AE Sigmn 05-Oct-71 Camp Gagetown
32 Brown WE Sigmn 05-Oct-71 Camp Gagetown
33 Enman HB Sigmn 05-Oct-71 Camp Gagetown
34 Ferguson WR Lt (N) 06-Apr-73 CFSCE, Kingston
35  Tourond JV Cpl 01-Mar-74 CFS Leitrim
36  Abbott TE Sigmn 14-Jun-75 Middle East
37  Barkley DLM Sigmn 27-Jul-77 Saskatoon
38 Dodge CA Sigmn 02-Jul-79 Middle East
39  Knechtel EA Cpl 02-Jul-80 Camp Petawawa
40 Taylor RJ MCpl 15-Oct-80 Ottawa
41 Porter RJG Sigmn 06-Nov-80 Middle East
42 McRae MJ MCpl 06-Dec-86 Cyprus
43 Summerville FB Capt 21-Apr-92 C&E Branch
44 Leveillee R Cpl 28-Jan-94 CFJSR Kingston
45  Legault JJP MCpl 22-Sep-95 AWACS, Alaska
46 Méthot JAJ MCpl 31-Jul-96 CFSCE, Kingston
47 Wiens ND Sgt 02-May-97
48 Torok JJP Cpl 09-Feb-97 C&E Branch
49 Pearce JS Cpl 07-Dec-97 CFB Kingston
50  McGean KF MCpl 05-May-99 79 Comm Regt
51 LaSante DA LaSante 01-Jun-99 Camp Petawawa
52 Klumpenhouwer A MCpl 27-Apr-07 Afghanistan
53 McCully MJ Cpl 25-May-07 Afghanistan
54 O’Quinn KC Cpl 03-Mar-09 Afghanistan
55 Desharnais YJ Sgt 21-Jun-10 Camp Valcartier
56 Deziel JM Cpl 18-Jan-11 Camp Valcartier
57  Curnow R MCpl 05-May-11 Edmonton
58  Benoit D MCpl  11- Aug 2011
59 Florian CE WO 12-Sep-11 Afghanistan
60 Stacey N MCpl  22-Sep-2011 Yellowknife
61 Pitblado JJF Capt 13-Feb-12 CFJSR Kingston
62  Gillard KW MCpl 12-May-12 Edmonton
63 Dorling J WO 11-Apr-13 CFB Kingston
64 Charlebois R LCol 26-May-13 Ottawa
65 Webster C Cpl 24-May-16 5 CDSG Signal Squadron
Several personnel from 1946/47 in VAC but not recorded elsewhere
RCAF radar personnel from WWII in StoS/VAC
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Rick Tingman
6 months ago

Thank you Sir, With Remembrance Day approaching many of us struggle as we try to deal with the memories of so many fallen friends and comrades. I was searching for the date of one special soldier’s passing and found this new C&E Project. BZ to you and the team behind this. It means a great deal to me that his name was listed and will be remembered in our shared history.

Geoff Priems
8 months ago

Kevin, this is a terrific effort. I applaud you and the C&E Association for undertaking this effort to recognize the members of our Branch who have sacrificed their lives in the service of their Country.
Thank you!