C&E Museum and Mercury Shop Resume Operations


95 Craftsman Boulevard, 2024 April 23 – The C&E Museum and Mercury Shop are pleased to announce partial resuming operations following the recent strike’s conclusion; the physical Mercury Shop will gradually resume full operations expected by Monday, April 29. The C&E Museum is expected to gradually resume full operations by May 8 but subject to change based on availability.

The temporary closure during the strike period has resulted in significant backlog of online orders and administrative tasks. Thus, a smooth reintigration of the Mercury Shop and C&E Museum is currently underway.

The C&E Museum understands that there will still be delays in fulfilling online orders and serving visitors at the physical location as they work to reintegrate their dedicated staff. Please have patience during this transitional period.

The C&E Museum is committed to providing exceptional service and ensuring that all customers’ needs are met efficiently and effectively.

For more information, please visit themercuryshop.com or https://www.candemuseum.org/. If you have further questions, contact the Museum at: https://www.candemuseum.org/contact or the Mercury Shop at: [email protected]

**About C&E Museum Gift Shop:**

The C&E Museum Gift Shop offers a wide range of unique and historically inspired gifts, souvenirs, and memorabilia, providing visitors with an opportunity to take home a piece of Canadian military history. Proceeds from purchases support the Canadian military heritage preserved and celebrated by the museum.

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