Weekly Update Time! Here’s whats new and happening.

Monthly Tournaments

Make sure you sign up for our Counterstrike 2 and Rocket League tournaments set for 20 May and 21 May. All you need to do is go to the tournament channel, go to sign up, leave your gamertag and be online at 745pm EST on the day of the tournament. Prizes and rules can be found on our discord!

Championship Series Leaderboard

Valor K: 10 Points
Payback: 6 Points
SirMarsAlot: 5 Points

Popular Channels

The C&E Sports HellDivers channel has Priority Broadcasts and loads of intel including Galactic War Updates, Command Briefs, and other information from the official helldivers discord. Make sure you check it out if you are interested in playing with C&E members!

Whats Next and Whats New


We are currently preparing to gain sponsorship from local businesses. We have had interest from some businesses already and will be getting certification to ensure we utilize the donations to their fullest while ensuring we follow all policies.

New Moderators

We have 2 new moderators in the discord who are helping assist us in maintaining a tidy but active server.
Cleaning up the server and Permanent Link
We want to make sure that the server is easy to navigate. We’ve received feedback that our current setup may be a bit bulky for some so you will notice the discord changing in the coming days.
We have also heard that some of the links we have supplied have since been deactivated. Please use the following link which is set to permanent. If there are any issues, feel free to let us know and we will send another link to the discord.




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